A user may return any product during the time of delivery,

or within 7 days IF:-
(A) Product does not meet user’s expectation.
(B) Found damaged during delivery.
(C) Have doubt about the Products quality and quantity.
(D) Is not satisfied with the packaging system.
Mammilike tries its best to serve the users. But if under any circumstances, we fail to fulfill our commitment or to ensuring the service, we will notify you within 24 hours via phone, text or email. If the service, that Mammilike fails to complete, requires any refund, it be done maximum within 30 Days after our acceptance.
-Refund requests will be processed under mentioned situation.
(X)Unable to serve with any products.
(Y)Customer cancels a paid order before it has been express.
(Z)Customer returns any product from a paid order.

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